LUKAS is apart of HTI, High Technology sales and service locations, the group works in close contact with the market and maximises internal synergies as much as possible. A shared manufacturing philosophy and technological heritage translates into quality and reliability which is recognised the world over. Diversified competencies enable each company to punctually and efficiently respond to the most demanding requests. Industries, innovative ropeways, a group of technologically companies specialising in snow groomers, tracked vehicles, urban transport, wind turbines and snowmaking machines. With production sites in Italy, Austria, France, Slovakia, Sweden, the United States, Canada, India and China, and more than 90 international
For LUKAS, quality is more than just a word – it is a way of being and an essential requirement for all stages of production and service offerings. Attention to every single detail, searching for excellence in the choice
of materials, engineering processes and consultancy have been recognised by the most important international certification bodies – which means guaranteed longlasting reliability forour clients

LUKAS not onlyoffers its clients cuttingedge technology, but also offers its services as a partner due to its ability to adapt products to the customer’s requirements. The goal is to provide an efficient,reliable andprofitable solution.
DESIGN Building a wind farm is a complex process. It involves stakeholders who occasionally have contrasting needs: investors and insurance companies, financial partners and local, regional and national authorities. LUKAS supports its clients with data and technical indications and assistance during the entire process – from initial contact up until completion of the project.
PLANNING LUKAS works with its clients from the very first project stage: choosing a suitable site. Anemological data analysis by LUKAS’s team of experts ensures an optimised placement of the wind turbine. The assessment of the site’s characteristics helps us choose the most appropriate wind turbine while surveys provide the information to ensure accessibility during the installation and maintenance phase.
LUKASistheidealpartnerforimplementing projects in extreme conditions. With projects of this kind, LUKAS clients benefit from the know-how and skills developed by the entire group over decades of constructing plants with a technological cutting edge.

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LUKAScan suggest thebestcombinations of generator power and rotor diameter, height and number of tower segments, bladelengths andvarious otheroptions.
This manufacturing flexibility hassatisfied the most complex and diverse requirements, while obtaining important global recognition.

In order to meet the market’s demands, LUKAS has obtained certification for all its most successful models. The latest is the LTW101 with a rated
power of 3,000kW, which obtained certification from the TÜV Süd body in line with the most recent international guidelines.

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We install renewable heating systems to replace oil and gas.
We install large wind turbines to reduce reliance on imported electricity and provide an income for electricity sold, and through EGAT. Lukas can supply green energy such as wood pellet with high quality and certificate of SGS , Intertek

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