Lukas has a long and solid history of manufacture of special machine  related products,  metal sheet machine  which systems and solutions allowing us to service the most demanding from customer’s needs. Lukas group  was established 45 Years ago  followed by Metal sheet machine and special machine. Considerable growth has occurred since then due to a combination of solid market and product expansion, coupled with strategic acquisitions. In 2013 we expand market to Asia  which interchange Europe – Asia   trade for  supply the demand of   product for  government, commercial, cogeneration, telecommunications and military purpose

Company Certificate for Thai Government Procurement

• Lukas got the Gprocument certificate since 2013 for all  government procurements and

• E-bid project we are specialize on the defense product for army.

• Our experience of working with public and private sector organisations allows us to help you focus upon the procurement routes that will enable your business success. We understand the options, how public service organisations consider and use various routes and where the best return can be enjoyed. We also understand what it takes to successfully join a framework and more importantly, fully exploit that framework. And then there’s G procurement…… Typical Deliverables

• Procurement Options Paper

• Framework Bid Assist support

• Mainly revenue comes from government construction projects

• Worked as a shadow co-worker of project owner

• Observing the gprocurement process and operation as well as construction project at jobsite.

• Work progresses were planned ahead and regulated by project owner, relevant changes are made upon real time planning

• Aspects included some important gprocurement process and operation apart from quoting final price

• Generating governmental bidding documents and handling personal contacts with governmental place

Lukas always offer the most modern and right technologies in order to get the best profits to supply our customer such as Fiocchi Winchester , Remington Nammo and many others CUT DOWN ON EXPENSES Thanks to Lukas technology which aims of succeeded in reducing rejects and  downtime, which represent a consistent part of the total running costs. Trouble-free operation increases the comfort of production. Furthermore , our wear resistant tool reduce substantialy the production costs. QUALITY Every single part and every component of a Lukas machine distinguish itself for the high quality of the rawmaterial and realization machine. EASY TO USE  Our customers’ operators really appreciate the ease of use of our machine : ergonomics, case of maintenace, ease of tool changeover are all important attributes always present in Lukas Machine and equipments

TECHNOLOGIES CONTINUE IMPROVEMENT  Lukas always pay attention to every new technology available in the world, keeping  us up to date , in order to imrpove our machines. Programmable Logic Controllers, Fiber optic, statistical production control system, Video production assistance, camera vision measuring and gauging devices, independent machine modules autonomously  computer controlled… all this has been incorporated in our equipment and machines, tested many times and appreciated by our customers. CUSTOMIZATION  Lukas is able to produce machines incorporating the linest wishes and expectation of the producers, thanks to the continue feed-back from all our clients, thanks to both parties partnership attitude, thanks to the presence of our staff in the various plants throughout the world... TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION Othe quality of our documentation is unique. It gives our clients full autonomy right from the beginning. All is explained in the KNOW –HOW documentation as well as in the technical manuals of the machines supplied.

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